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Welcome To Sleepy!

Congrats! To This Week's Car of the Week Winner!


I have now posted a Virtual Racing Section on to the site. In case anyone was wondering, THERE IS NO PERSONAL DRIVING INVOLVED! I watch the cars race at 100% strength and 100% distance. If you are interested, click the Sleepy Virtual Racing icon on the navigation and go through the sign up. And what's best is, IT'S FREE AND EASY!

Car of the Week News!
New cars are now up! congrats to this week's winner: HellonHeels!
Also, congratulations to MarkyMark and ?(need name)?! Their cars have been picked for this week's contest.
Whats New?
The site will be gettimg a new look very soon! I'll keep you posted!
Yes, I'm back from the races. What a race! I'll now be back to my usual updating every day!
I've added tonnes and tonnes of new stuff to this site in the past few days. All of it is stuff to help make this site more helpful and or useful for the users.
The main new thing that I've added is a toutoral on a painting cars topic. The Toutoral is for people with PSP7. I guess that you could almost use the toutoral to help you paint in the NR 2k2 paintshop but you may have to do SOME converting.
I've also added links for ya'll to download the cars on instead of E-mailing me everytime. Again to make this site more convienent.
In the very near future I will be adding about 4-6 new user cars that were sent in by you. I will also be adding 2 or 3 new fictionals and 2-3 WC Cars.
SR Staff

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Have Fun!
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